Welcome to Coastal Communities Consulting, Inc.!

Coastal Communities Consulting, Inc. (CCC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving Southeast Louisiana’s fishermen, fishing-dependent small businesses, and their families. At our Gretna office, we provide business technical assistance, social support services, economic development, and continued disaster assistance in Vietnamese, Khmer (Cambodian), Spanish, English, and Croatian.

Since August 2011, thousands of people have benefitted from our programs and services via individual sessions and/or group training. Our office provides a hub of business and social support, connecting coastal entrepreneurs with local stakeholders, we have effectively sustained and grown hundreds of coastal small businesses. This is particularly important as changing coastal circumstances, from environmental change to disaster, industry shifts and regulations impact coastal entrepreneurs’ work. We are committed to creating open dialogue between our clients and community members, government officials, environmental organizations, academics and researchers, and other regional and national decision-makers. By prioritizing equity and economic stability, we give coastal entrepreneurs the tools to foster and sustain resilience both on land and at sea.

CCC offers technical assistance by appointment, and holds ESL, typing, and other business-centered classes seasonally. We also hold sales tax exemption support annually in January and February. Email info@ccc-nola.org for more information.