Welcome to Coastal Communities Consulting!

CCC is a non-profit organization assists rural entrepreneurs, commercial fishermen, and families, of Southeast Louisiana.  We perform a variety of programs and services to meet the ever-changing needs and challenges of the unique businesses found in rural communities.  At our Gretna office, we help clients start new businesses, provide computer and financial trainings, encourage economic development, enhance literacy, and provide meaningful social services to support the families.  Since August 2011, thousands of people have been involved in our programs and services either through group training or individual session.  

Through the years, we have been successful with educating the world about our unique rural businesses and cultures; specifically within the commercial fishing industry.  With major challenges affecting coastal communities along Southeast, Louisiana, such as environmental changes, natural and man-made disasters, and other industry specific issues; CCC is an advocate for open communication, education, and relationship building through our work with governmental agencies, outside groups, educational institutions, and businesses on behalf of our clients. 

CCC holds weekly walk-in hours, and our staff members speak Vietnamese, Cambodian, Spanish, Croatian, as well as English. Find out more about our staff, our services, and our community and how you can help.